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Agency Accessibility Plans

Agency Plans

NYC Agencies are required to create 5 Year Accessibility Plans, per Local Law 12 of 2023. These plans outline the agency’s accessibility efforts for people with disabilities in the areas of Digital Accessibility, Workplace Inclusion, Effective Communication, Physical Accessibility, and Programmatic Access.

As a part of this process, agencies must seek public comment on their proposed plan. Choose an agency below to review their plan and find information on how to make comments. The date that the public comment period closes is listed on each agency’s page and may not be the same as other agencies.

You must submit your name and email to leave a comment (your email address will not be published with your comment). Because your comment will be reviewed before it is posted on the site, it may take up to one full business day to be displayed. See our Moderation & Commenting Policy.

If you do not wish your personal information – such as email, mailing address, or phone number – to appear in the published comment, please do not include it in your comment (including any attachments).

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Final Plans

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